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Monday, May 27, 2019

Adoring Zoey Deutch (Introducing Zoey Deutch) is now at and! Thanks to Holly, I adopted this site and decided to merge my content to have a great resource for everything Zoey. I’ve decided to change the site name (Adoring) as I had everything set ready under that title (and the wonderful Zoey doesn’t need introducing 😉 ). I hope this isn’t too confusing for visitors. Stay tuned for updates soon!

Please bare with us!

Thursday, Feb 26, 2015

Hello everyone, I’m Holly, the new owner of Introducing Zoey Deutch. I’d like to thank Claudia for allowing me to take the site over and I have moved the site to my own private hosting, so please be patient while I make sure everything is back in working order!

IZD is the fansite of the day

Saturday, Nov 15, 2014

The Fan Carpet has dedicated today’s Fansite of the Day spot to Introducing Zoey Deutch.

Site Opened: August, 2014
Image Gallery Count: 5264
Known For: Vampire Academy (2014)
Up Next: Good Kids (2015)
Last Known Dating: Avan Jogia
Quote: “”
Fun Fact: Grew up with many pets around the house, including 6 dogs, a cat, an African Grey parrot, several horses, and a pond full of koi fish.
Profile Page: Resume

Welcome to Introducing Zoey Deutch

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome to Introducing Zoey Deutch, your new online resource for actress Zoey Deutch. There’s a long list of people I should thank for this happening, Mette is the first for giving me the chance to start with this great domain. The hugest immense thanks go to Stef who is the kindest and most amazing friend I could ever find online (among many others) and donated to us so many things I can’t even count. Nicole for those amazing beautiful themes!!! Gabby and Ali for their help with some unfindable events pictures, Carmel for helping with the name, Luciana and Gertie for the hosting and the technical help and Holly for her constant support in my crazy site decisions. I’ve got cool friends around!!!
I have fallen in love with Zoey watching Vampire Academy (for Sarah Hyland) and went crazy online watching interviews and such. She’s just such a perfect amazing little lady! I hope you like this site and will have some fun together. You can follow our updates through twitter too. Enjoy your stayin’!